First Bus supported to meet BODS compliance

21 Dec 2020 – Omnibus is helping First Bus to provide seamless and compliant timetable data for the Bus Open Data Service (BODS).

Earlier this year Omnibus launched a new module that provides BODS compliant TransXChange files ready for uploading to the Department for Transport BODS portal by the 31st December deadline.

First Bus Operator

The BODS module has been designed by Omnibus, for our customers to utilise, enabling them to simply select timetables and produce compliant data with minimal effort.

Omnibus is providing First Bus with this innovative new software to enable the Schedulers to draw the data from the Omnibus suite of products in a way that is familiar to them. Omnibus has and continues to provide help and training to ensure First Bus will be BODS ready for the deadline at the end of this year.

Michael Meilton, BODS Project Leader for Omnibus, comments: “We are working closely with all our customers to ensure that they are BODS ready. We are ensuring that they are aware of the need for the TransXChange to be in a specific BODS format, and not getting caught out by thinking that their existing exports fit the bill, as unfortunately they won’t. Our developers have worked wonders in creating software that ensures the data can be exported in a compliant format, with minimal impact on schedulers’ workloads.”

John Birtwistle, Head of Policy for First Bus, commented: “The work that Omnibus has done has simplified the process. The software does its job perfectly. We have been able to compile our BODS data seamlessly, enabling us to meet the DFT deadline efficiently for customers.”


Press Contact:
Harmi Sangha
Marketing Manager – Omnibus and EPM Bus Solutions
07538 935 568 


Alex Hornby
CEO for Transdev Blazefield

We are delighted to be working with Omnibus in leading the way in helping us make data more open and accessible. Ensuring information is easily available to our customers, existing and new, is a vital part of growing bus use and we are excited to embrace the opportunities it provides.”