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DfT compliant timetable and schedule data

The Bus Open Data Service is a scheme led by the Department for Transport (DfT) that requires all bus operators in England to publish timetables, fares and live vehicle tracking in an open data format that can be read by other downstream users.

The intention is to provide more data to transport users, ultimately improving accessibility for both new and potential customers.


Our solution can be used to meet the requirement to provide timetable and schedules information. BODS requires operators to supply TransXChange files compiled in a specific way. As such we have built a separate export tool within our standard TransXChange Exporter that will produce an output to meet the PTI Profile 1.1a standard.

BODS specific solution

The BODS profile sits within the TXC 2.4 schema – that means the BODS file is laid out and set up in the same way as a normal TXC file BUT some of the data fields that are optional within a standard TXC 2.4 file are mandatory in a BODS file. The BODS profile also stipulates the way that some of the data entries must be configured – this may be different to how you would export it as a normal TXC 2.4 file.  It means that producing a standard TXC 2.4 file will not produce a compliant BODS file. That is why Omnibus created a separate BODS Exporter which meets the PTI Profile 1.1a standard.

Access anywhere, anytime with our cloud-based solution

Improved efficiency

Access applications from anywhere, increasing efficiency by sharing resources across multiple locations.

Collaborate seamlessly

Seamlessly share and collaborate on work, improving team productivity.

Enhanced reporting

Access a range of reports providing management information covering the entire schedule.

Seamless data sharing meeting government mandated standards

Meet DfT compliance requirements

Provide data to the BODS standard

Seamless integration

Export timetable files directly from the platform OmniTIMES

Stay ahead

Stay at the forefront of data integration across the passenger transport industry

Key features

  • Export TransXChange files to the latest BODS standard
  • Remain compliant with DfT standards
  • Built in validation

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Tess Harwood
Bus Open Data Service at KPMG

Omnibus has collaborated at every stage with the Bus Open Data Team at KPMG, effectively anticipating and developing against the emerging needs of their customers. Their operators can publish standardised timetables as Bus Open Data (BODS), which is then consumed by journey planners and shared with passengers to support their travel. Omnibus has proven a key stakeholder, providing critical feedback and expertise to this digital transformation program, as well as providing their customers with consistent support.

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