Taking our cloud-based next generation depot allocation system to the next level

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27 Sept 2019 – Coach & Bus UK will give visitors the opportunity to see the next generation cloud-based Allocation System from Omnibus. Alongside this will be the Company’s innovative new cloud-based timetable management system with integrated mapping.

This cloud-based system brings even closer integration, saving time by bringing geographic information right to the heart of the timetabling process.

Peter Crichton, Omnibus Managing Director, comments: “We have spent nearly 30 years in this industry, continuously innovating and leading the way. We put our customers at the heart of every innovation, ensuring that customers remain in complete control of all Omnibus cloud-based products, with all the benefits this technology brings. We are very excited to share these latest developments with visitors to our stand at Coach & Bus UK.”

Omnibus developers are also working on adding ‘internal intelligence’ to all the scheduling products, to provide users with the option to automate more of the process if they choose, and also to guide them to better and more robust solutions. These features are designed to benefit advanced users, while also being accessible and valuable to those with less experience of computer scheduling.

Open Data is another area that the Omnibus development team is focusing on. They are looking at what users can do with their data, how they can share it and report on it, and how different systems, internal or external, can be integrated with each other. Peter explains: “We always have very interesting and productive conversations with all bus operators and local authorities at the NEC event, and we expect Open Data to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds this year.”

Adding to the company’s impressive list of endorsements and accreditations, Omnibus is now a validated IT supplier as part of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Earned Recognition Scheme (promoting high standards and providing assurance of compliance with regulations). Omnibus is the first software supplier reporting on domestic drivers’ hours for bus operators to have been awarded this status.

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