How operator improves output using bus timetables publicity solution

Providing passengers with easy-to-read bus timetables is important to Yellow Buses – and the operator achieves this with bright and colourful information displays.

The Bournemouth-based company colour brands each service on its network using Omnibus’ timetable publicity software OmniSTOPdesign.

flexible bus timetables publicity software

“Our iconic yellow vehicles, with core route branded colours, help our buses stand out on the road for customer ease,” said Kevin Brolan, Commercial Assistant at Yellow Buses. “We also reflect this with our roadside material, and this is done with ease thanks to the OmniSTOPdesign solution,” he said.  

“We can tailor the services and the individual times to show in different colours so customers can clearly see which service is coming at the stop at a particular time. It’s so clear for the customer and important to us as we know they can’t get too confused,” he added. 

Yellow Buses carries just under 14 million passengers on its 110-strong bus fleet, clocking up nearly five million miles across Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and East Dorset.  

The long-standing Omnibus customer adopted OmniSTOPdesign in 2019 and immediately benefitted from cost savings in human resource and timetable production (see case study). 

Kevin added: “I may be a little biased but the way in which we use the software is a brilliant example of its true potential and what can be achieved by operators. 

“We use a lot of imagery to brighten up our stop displays. This helps to promote our services and share a variety of marketing messages which include being a locally owned and locally operated business since the management buyout in 2019, promote our mobile apps, website and new services. It’s no longer just a timetable for a customer to know what time the buses come past; it has the potential to promote our business. 

“And it’s all done through OmniSTOPdesign, the software is absolutely brilliant, and we really maximise its features.” 

OmniSTOPdesign is a sophisticated application which enables operators and local authorities to create attractive and accurate public transport stop and station information displays. 

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