An Evolution in Bus Stop Design


CT Plus Guernsey, part of HCT Group, has installed OmniSTOPdesign after seeing it being tested by Omnibus developers last year. Lee Murphy, Operations Manager, was on a training visit at Omnibus HQ in Hollinwood when he and a colleague were shown the new software and they instantly realised that it represented a huge evolution in bus stop design for them.

OmniSTOPdesign is now widely used by CT Plus Guernsey, along with OmniTIMES, OmniBASE, OmniROTA, Crewplan, OmniMAP and TransXChange.

Lee explains: “We went to Omnibus last year for some training, as although we had an understanding of what we used on a day-to-day basis, we felt that we would benefit from some further in-depth knowledge. We saw a demo version of OmniSTOPdesign and I was astonished by the flexibility of what the software could help us achieve.”

Lee and his colleague were already using OmniSTOP, but when they made the switch to OmniSTOPdesign they were instantly able to develop their publicity into far more appealing and relevant products.

The software’s flexibility has been key for CT Plus Guernsey, as Lee explains: “It enables us to create a range of templates that suit the footfall of the particular stop.
For low use stops, we can incorporate adverts.  For high use stops we can switch between simple route numbers or destination listings against each time with just one click.”

The new designs have impressed their customers, who have commented on the clarity of the new signs, as well as the reduction of ‘white space’, achieved because the system plots in a range of adverts to fill the gaps.

OmniSTOPdesign has also speeded up the process of changing publicity displays, and because the system is so easy to use, Lee needed minimal additional training. He says: “The system is very intuitive and completely in line with how the other Omnibus products operate. All their software is straightforward, logical to use and well supported – the staff at Omnibus have been invariably helpful during every one of my multiple calls over the last 6 years of using their products.”

Lee is such a fan of OmniSTOPdesign that he has recommended it to his colleagues on Jersey.


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