Omnibus helps Plymouth Citybus navigate Covid-19 challenges

Grant Palmer

Plymouth Citybus has found it easier to navigate the challenges presented by social distancing and managing driver duties during the pandemic, by utilising some innovative features developed by Omnibus.

To support operators the Omnibus development team, all working from home, has launched several new initiatives to help them adapt to a new way of working.

Plymouth Citybus has been running CrewPLAN to compile duties as each new challenge arises. Mark Collins, Head of Commercial for Plymouth Citybus, explains: “We’ve been able to instantly generate a workable set of duties in a matter of moments. This really has been absolutely invaluable to us in recent weeks; knowing that we have the software at hand to be able to tackle whatever challenge comes next.”

Mark continues: “To be able to run CrewPLAN on a schedule, and get a workable, efficient and reliable answer, all agreed with our Trade Union representatives in less than an hour, is absolutely fantastic.”

In order to manage social distancing at break times, Plymouth Citybus has also been using the new feature of Mealbreak Graphs, which shows how many duties are on break at any given time. This feature enables Plymouth Citybus Operations Managers to plan additional facilities at the busiest times of day.

Mark concludes: “ In these changing times, where we don’t know what will happen from one minute to the next, the Omnibus software has been invaluable in enabling us to plan and respond quickly as things change.”


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