Omnibus now offers schedules training course

Training within the industry is a major concern for Omnibus as the next generation of schedulers and planners come forward. Omnibus has therefore acquired TransACT, which includes the popular manual scheduling course, from the well-known industry figure Jim Hulme.

The first course was recently held by Omnibus and delegates described it as ‘a very detailed first look into scheduling’ and ‘a strong introduction to an area where the learning never ends’.

The course recognises that in order to get the most out of any scheduling software, employees need to understand the principles of scheduling, to understand the data that they are inputting and what they expect to see as a result. The course has been carefully developed to cover manual bus and crew scheduling, without the need for delegates to have any previous knowledge of Omnibus software products.

Omnibus MD Peter Crichton explains: “It is just not possible to create viable and efficient timetables, drivers’ duties or rosters without an understanding of basic scheduling principles. They are the cornerstone of being able to make sound commercial decisions on service changes.”

Peter continues: “We are committed to continuing the excellent courses and services that TransACT offered, as we bring all the training into the Omnibus portfolio of products and services.”

The first delegates on the manual scheduling course agreed that it encouraged ‘improved human input’ to assist any computer software to produce better results, particularly for anyone with limited or no previous knowledge of bus scheduling. The enthusiastic Omnibus instructors focused on how timetabling and duty decisions are made on a commercial basis and how to identify quickly the various possibilities within a schedule, such as inter-timing and interworking. The delegates left the Omnibus Head Office keen to learn more and use their new found skills for real life schedules.        

Peter concludes: “You simply wouldn’t give someone accounting software and expect them to come up with a set of accounts, and the same applies to scheduling. You need to understand the data that you are inputting and why. The quality of the results depends entirely on the data that is being entered so in untrained hands the results are meaningless. The aim of this new manual scheduling course is to place these tools in trained hands and at the same time invest in training the schedulers of the future.”


Omnibus provides passenger transport software – to timetable, schedule, staff, record, manage and publicise services around the world saving customers time and money.

Designed to be flexible enough to meet with a client’s unique demands, Omnibus software is employed by some of the world’s largest passenger transport organisations and some of the smallest too.

The extensive range of software is designed for public transport operators, Local Authorities or executives, encompasses timetabling, scheduling and operational requirements.

The core products available are robust and proven in use all over the world. These are augmented by more specialised modules which enable users to get the most value from the Omnibus solutions.

Omnibus provides the full service: from conception and design, through scheduling and publication, to management and operation.

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