Warrington's Own Buses

Warrington’s Own Buses uses Omnibus innovation to connect with drivers

Warrington’s Own Buses have installed myDAS from Omnibus to improve communication with its 160 drivers. myDAS is a driver App that links drivers directly with OmniDAS, the depot allocation system from Omnibus.

With large numbers of drivers to manage, it can sometimes become challenging for operators to manage all their requests for information in a timely manner. myDAS, the driver self-service module, which is an integral part of OmniDAS, allows drivers to access all their own details, including rota, overtime and holiday details, from their smart phone.

Gareth Mead, Head of Commercial for Warrington’s Own Buses, comments: “We wanted to improve our communication to drivers and give them access to important information to enable them to find their own answers to the most commonly asked questions. Through myDAS they can self-serve themselves more easily, which frees up the Duty Supervisors and Forward Allocators to deal with more challenging tasks.”

myDAS has already proven a huge hit with drivers. Within the first 2 weeks nearly 70% of drivers had already signed up to the App. Gareth says the take up has been largely due to ‘word of mouth from driver evangelists’.

He concludes: “It has been a huge success for everyone. Drivers love it because they don’t have to be in the depot or ring up to find out information and it gives greater visibility on the fair allocation of overtime; and our Supervisors and Managers now have more time to focus on new projects.


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