CrewPLAN crew duties software solution

Passenger transport operator solutions

Quality and efficiency of passenger transport services are the driving forces behind our software and consultancy solutions. To stay-ahead in this fast-changing environment, operators need access to tools and services that enable them to respond quickly and effectively.

Our solutions utilise leading technology to address the needs of passenger transport operators to create efficient schedules, timetables and staff rosters.  These feed through to vehicle and crew allocation systems that ensure timetables are delivered punctually and cost effectively.

We have the tools and expertise you need to grow patronage, maximise revenue, improve efficiency and deliver outstanding customer service.

What our solutions do

Our systems

Scheduling and timetabling

Easy to use, flexible modelling tools that provide high level timetables & schedules to give quick view of effectiveness for different scenarios. Quickly & easily expand chosen scenarios into detailed schedules for vehicles and crews.

Depot allocation

Get the service out each day! – Deliver the schedule as advertised, manage costs, maintain customer satisfaction, meet expectations of contract holders.

Communications and publishing

Provide accurate schedule data, from the original source, to all internal and external downstream systems.

The ease of use and speed of the software allow me to produce data in hours rather than days. Omnibus is the best software I’ve used, I’ve tested other well-known systems.

Richard Brain
Scheduler (20 years’ experience), National Express UK Bus

We have worked with Omnibus for over two decades. Its strong expertise in the passenger transport sector and unwavering commitment to deliver first-class support, motivated us to build on our relationship.

Laurence Jenkins
Finance Director, Reading Buses