Depot Allocation & Control

OmniDAS is the complete Windows™ and SQL based Depot Allocation System from Omnibus, providing real time driver and vehicle management applications to the passenger transport industry. Proven in operation, the system will allocate and manage resources, produce timesheet and payroll information and automate sign in. This allows organisations to focus on service provision without having to worry about time consuming administration.

OmniDAS is entirely dynamic, fitting around each operator’s working practices and keeping users appraised of the real-time situation. With a wide range of definable features and multiple levels of security, OmniDAS can be used effectively throughout an organisation. Used in conjunction with other Omnibus scheduling software, OmniDAS offers a complete system from timetable and rota creation to on-the-day management.


The Crew Allocation Module provides comprehensive allocation utilities, significantly improving the process of forward planning and on-the-day allocation. All allocation events, planned or otherwise, are accurately recorded and form the basis for output to your resident payroll system. Within the real-time environment, control of drivers is continuously monitored against drivers’ hours legislation and offers your staff assurances when making those quick decisions.

The clocking system and driver information screen allow control personnel to concentrate on the operation of services by providing alternatives to constant staff interaction. Each driver signs on with a swipe card, or by manual input, and is supplied with information specifying duty detail, vehicle information and essential communications. Lateness and ‘failure to report’ instances are registered for immediate attention by audible and visible warnings. To assist drivers, the drivers’ information screen is used to view future duties and holidays, and to volunteer for rest day working. This information can be requested as a text to a mobile phone.


Vehicle Allocation facilitates the assignment of buses to specific trips with all available, used and out of service vehicles displayed in a realtime environment. Allocated and unallocated running boards are visibly identifiable with mismatched buses highlighted. Supplementary information regarding vehicle data, branding criteria and parking locations can be recorded.


The accurate recording of employees’ worked hours and payments are essential for the smooth running of an operation. OmniDAS allows users to monitor attendance within an organisation and provide detailed information for use within payroll.

This Module is kept up to date by both the Crew Allocation and Personnel Modules with current information relating to employees’ attendance, holidays and pay information. It provides accurate payroll-ready information to a range of payroll systems. If other Omnibus scheduling software is available, the module will import any rota and duty changes automatically.


The OmniDAS Personnel Module provides a comprehensive database of information relating to individual employees that goes beyond providing information for use in the other modules. As well as recording core data (personal details, holiday, absence, pay grade etc), the module also stores other important data such as job history, inventory (ticket modules/packs, uniform etc.), accidents and disciplinary record that enables Human Resources to function alongside the operational system.

As a real time system, the Module alerts users to a variety of monitored information, such as licence, training and diary events. User definable report and letter writing features mean that OmniDAS is a powerful tool for Human Resources, as well as Payroll, Allocation and Management.

Three simple justifications!

Five hours unproductive pay per day generally equates to over £18,000 per annum and just ten hours can be over £36,000
Lost mileage = lost revenue, lost passenger loyalty, potential fines and lost contracts
Inefficient use of control staff, in an administrative role, is a poor use of quality resources. This system releases staff to do the job they were originally trained to do
OmniDAS screen
OmniDAS screen
Key Features
  • Complete real-time operational control of vehicle and driver
  • Swipe or Smart card sign-on
  • Automatic drivers’ hours validation
  • Comprehensive allocation utilities
  • Real-time daily output sheet including visual and audible warnings
  • Separate query information screen for drivers
  • Real-time attendance monitoring & recording
  • Holiday Module and bank holiday utilities
  • Extensive Personnel database
  • Extensive reporting suite with exports to standard reporting tools
  • Payroll ready output
  • Production of KPIs
  • Manage Absence
  • Free up Supervisory time to deal with other issues
Key Benefits
  • Real time allocation and control
  • Dual allocation of staff and vehicles within a single system – maximises the efficient use of two important resources
  • Complete integration from Human Resources and Scheduling through pre-allocation (detailing), allocation (on the day) and finally to Payroll
  • Minimises administration by trapping vital data at source as an automatic by-product of managing daily operations – eliminates potential transcription errors
  • Standardisation across all depots, leading to common training, transferable skills, plus the economies of scale