Timetable Publicity Production

Is the cost of getting your timetable data into a useable format to produce leaflets, booklets and advertising using up budgets? Do you use third party designers or do in-house personnel input and lay out data?

For those OmniTIMES users who want a quick and easy method of producing publicity material OmniEXPORT provides a suitable answer.

Using the data stored by OmniTIMES, a formatted document can be easily generated in a printer or web ready format. This can be edited and then either printed or published in-house or sent to an external supplier in many different formats.

Individual services or groups of services can be selected for inclusion in the document and OmniEXPORT also generates a list of services that can be edited and used as an index page. A variety of templates are available and these can be customised to suit individual requirements. Advertisements, logos, service colours and other publicity material can be included in the template if so required.

If you are an OmniTIMES user, OmniEXPORT could be an extremely convenient tool. If you are not yet an OmniTIMES user, is it time you thought about boarding the Omnibus?

Key Features
  • Easy to produce working documents straight from OmniTIMES
  • Simple to edit and amend data, layout and style
  • Produce information in many formats – TXT, RTF, CSV, HTML, XML, DOC and more
  • As well as timetables, generate an index to places served
  • Import into design packages
  • Can be fully completed in-house. No need for 3rd party input
Key Benefits
  • Quickly produce formatted publicity information
  • Save time and maximise accuracy by removing the need to re-input
  • Cut out the middle-men to produce effective in-house publicity
Make the most of your data

OmniEXPORT links with OmniTIMES.
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