Mapping & Geographical Data

Digital maps are now a commonplace tool for both individuals and businesses, from basic on-line route planning to tracking vehicles around the country. However, these products have mainly been designed around car accessibility and are not so useful for the different characteristics of a bus network.

OmniMAP is a tool developed specifically for bus operators and local authorities managing a bus network. It is an extremely user-friendly and versatile tool for planning, displaying and editing bus services and stop networks.

Linking with OmniTIMES, users can import and export route data, using OmniMAP to fill in bus stops between timing points and calculate mileage and timings. Bus stop locations are imported directly from NaPTAN and stop points can be moved, added, changed and removed. This information, together with geographical information and preferred names, can be sent with the OmniTIMES route data to third parties, such as Traveline, and exported to form a part of an Electronic Bus Service Registration.

OmniMAP screen

The mapping is designed to cater for bus transport and routes are created specifically for buses – vehicle types and road characteristics such as low bridges, one way streets, bus only lanes and turn restrictions are taken into consideration. This data may also be amended by the user to keep the network up to date with developing infrastructure.

Key Features
  • Create/edit routes simply and quickly
  • Uses street-level mapping
  • Able to read existing OmniTIMES timetables or create new services
  • Display NaPTAN points and edit using NaPTAN interface
  • Calculate distance and timings between bus stops
  • Stores geographical data for use by other applications (e.g. EBSR Module)
  • Automatically route between points, allowing for restrictions
  • Change, add and remove stop points
  • Bus specific road network (e.g. bus lanes)
Key Benefits
  • Simplifies the creation of new routes, avoiding problems
  • Helps optimise routes and services
  • Achieve a visual perspective of routes and bus stop network
  • Get the most out of your OmniTIMES timetable data
Make the most of your data

OmniMAP links naturally with OmniTIMES.
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