Rota Compilation

OmniROTA uses bus and crew schedules created in OmniBASE to produce accurate and efficient rotas in a fraction of the time taken when produced manually.

Using OmniROTA, clients can create multiple rotas, with full onscreen editing and full checking to produce balanced rotas to desired parameters. Typical checks include double cover, minimum break periods and duties without cover.

OmniROTA screen

To aid the preparation of meaningful rotas, OmniROTA can be edited to fit with clients’ unique requirements, including rest days and duty length, highlighting under valued weeks and enabling the user to balance these against higher values.

After rotas have been created, clients can create full rota reports and print rosters in a number of styles, including a rota key for quick and simple tracking of duties covered.

Key Features
  • Easy to produce cost effective rotas accurately and quickly
  • Multiple rotas created and edited simultaneously
  • Allows full control at all stages of rota production
  • Adds up weekly values, highlighting potential problems and balancing
  • Duty lookup for quick checks
  • Switch variations for school calendar
  • Comprehensive checking of rotas
Key Benefits
  • Cost effective rotas produced quickly
  • saved through more efficient use of duties
  • Save time working through complex
  • Amendments calculated without the need to create new rotas
Make the most of your data

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