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NaPTAN (the National Public Transport Access Node database) uniquely identifies points of access to public transport. It is an essential resource for local authorities and operators, providing a single source of bus stop information for use in timetables, publicity and journey planning. However, local authorities and operators find that the data can sometimes be inaccurate or require updating, which is where OmniFLAG is invaluable.

Powerful validation on NaPTAN data as you edit

OmniFLAG allows you to maintain StopPoint and StopArea records for your area. Built to support all the features of the NaPTAN version 2.4 XML schema, the editor is easy to use and validates changes as you edit.

For those moving from managing bus stop data using spreadsheets, NaPTAN version 2.4 data can be much more complicated than using a single table. OmniFLAG provides a specialist editor and imports and exports data in XML format. The facility to perform a fast bulk import of your existing NaPTAN and NPTG (National Public Transport Gazetteer) data will get you up and running quickly.

Asset management for roadside equipment

OmniFLAG also provides a comprehensive asset management solution for recording and monitoring bus stops and associated equipment.

It can store a wide range of information, typically relating to: flags, display cases, poles, electronic displays, kerb information, shelters, usage, routes and photographs. Detailed information can be added to these records, including maintenance notes, ownership and the manufacturer of equipment. Asset management record formats are user configurable. Users can create new asset types, structures and data lists.

System data integrity

OmniFLAG can be installed on Windows tablets & laptops to allow remote data collection and editing including taking GPS readings and photographs from within the application. Automatic database synchronisation between devices and your system ensures data integrity.

Details of asset information can easily be extracted from OmniFLAG to assist with asset maintenance and information management.

Access anywhere, anytime with our cloud-based solution

Improved efficiency

Access applications from anywhere, increasing efficiency by sharing resources across multiple locations.

Collaborate seamlessly

Seamlessly share and collaborate on work, improving team productivity.

Enhanced reporting

Access a range of reports providing management information covering the entire schedule.

Road side asset management made easy

Reduce duplication

Functionality saves time and avoids duplication

Validate data

Automatic validation of data eliminates the need to double check

Record of assets

Simplifies the recording of maintenance and equipment

Key features

  • Supports all the features of NaPTAN
  • Fast import and export of NaPTAN and NPTG data
  • Browse stops by NPTG locality hierarchy
  • View & edit stops
  • Add, edit and manage records for a wide range of equipment
  • User configurable asset management records
  • Powerful search facilities
  • Remote editing and automatic database synchronisation
  • Visualise sites and surrounding environments using photographs
  • Send reports to print or export to CSV format
  • Save time through efficient administration

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Simon Harris, Network Planner at Blackpool Transport

Simon Harris
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