Supporting the industry to Bus Back Better

The UK Government has launched Bus Back Better, the long-awaited National Bus Strategy for England, and it promises a bright future for the industry.

It sets out an ambitious vision that will revolutionise the way in which local bus services are provided. Operators and local transport authorities will work closely together to create a new environment that will spur on genuine improvements for passengers.

Meanwhile, for areas that choose to press ahead with franchising their local bus services will now have the means and guidance to allow that to happen.

National Bus Strategy - Bus back better July 2021

Article featured in Beginning the Bus Revolution June 2021 by Passenger Transport

Omnibus, one of the UK’s leading passenger transport software businesses, and EPM Bus Solutions will play a key role in making that happen.

Aiden Proctor, for Omnibus said: “The National Bus Strategy talks a lot about redefining EBSR and I think there’s a real drive to improve the quality of the data that can be shared as part of the process. We already have Bus Open Data Service tools and our TransXChange files are comparatively data-rich, so we can really supply local authorities with incredibly high-quality data today. That of course can also be then supplied downstream to all the other data users too.”

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