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4 May 2021 – Leading bus operators embrace bus stop display software, OmniSTOPdesign, to quickly adapt to network changes during the pandemic.

Go South Coast and Go South West upgraded their bus stop display software to OmniSTOPdesign – the application which enables the creation of visual and up-to-date public transport information displays –

from leading supplier of operational software, Omnibus. The software enabled the operators to react quickly and efficiently to the changing nature of reality during the Covid-19 pandemic.

OmniSTOPdesign gives users the tools they need to produce bespoke templates, with the option of adding service branding, graphics, logos, and custom messages – allowing operators to produce attractive and informative transport displays with ease. The software is particularly beneficial for networks that include a variety of stop usage levels and different case types.

The software uses automatic inclusion of timetable information direct from OmniTIMES, which ensures all the data is accurate and up-to-date. Automatic schematic maps can be added to any display, and services can be included, omitted, or merged at stop level – giving users complete flexibility in presenting the information.

Southern Vectis was the first company in the Go South Coast Group to implement OmniSTOPdesign, with over 1,200 stops covering the whole of the Isle of Wight operation. Other companies within the Group are due to be completed by the end of the year.

Marc West, Planning Manager for Go South Coast, comments: “One of the main reasons we adopted OmniSTOPdesign was to have more control and flexibility over our displays. Each operator in the Go South Coast group has a different identity, and this software allows us to quickly and easily produce displays that reflect each brand.”

He adds: “Some of our routes have infrequent services, which often leads to display issues. With OmniSTOPdesign we can seamlessly change any aspect of the design and set up our own templates, creating clean, easy to read and up-to-date displays for our passengers, which was particularly important during Covid-19 and changes being made to services as a result of the pandemic.”

Go South West, which covers Plymouth Citybus and Go Cornwall Bus, have completed displays for over 1,300 stops for Plymouth Citybus – covering almost every bus stop in the city. They are now working to update all the bus stops for Go Cornwall Bus as part of the Transport for Cornwall network.

Phil Bruford, Infrastructure Manager for Go South West, comments: “OmniSTOPdesign makes creating bus stop displays easier, faster and much more flexible. The speed with which we can create display options is more efficient and saves a vast amount of time. We are now able to complete a full-service change in the same time it used to take to complete a single route.

He concludes: “The system is extremely easy to use and the customer service from Omnibus is second to none.”

Peter Crichton, Managing Director at Omnibus, comments: “Providing accurate and up-to-date timetables for passengers at stop displays is essential. We’ve built a solution which has streamlined the processes to provide operators a platform which gives them full control as well as the capability to turn these around very quickly – saving both time and money. With operators having to adapt swiftly to changes in society during the pandemic, OmniSTOPdesign is built with a deep understanding of the issues facing bus schedulers and the complexities in planning and managing resources in the public transport sector.”

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