OmniSTOPdesign timetable publicity software solution



Publishing software for stop displays produced quickly and cost-effectively

OmniSTOPdesign is a sophisticated application which enables operators and local authorities to create attractive and accurate public transport stop or station information displays.

The solution brings together the flexibility of desk-top publishing and the data integrity of OmniTIMES through the automatic inclusion of accurate timetable information, direct from your timetabling data. This ensures complete accuracy, with design and formatting fine-tuned to your exact requirements.

The key to this revolutionary new way of working is our user configurable template system, designed to offer users complete control over their displays. Automatic schematic maps can be added to any display with ease and services can be included, omitted or merged at stop level giving you complete flexibility to deliver passenger information in the most appropriate format.

Using the built-in stop database which can store the details of information cases provided at stops, templates can quickly be assigned to appropriate stops. A variety of timetable display formats are available, including summary frequency patterns and timebands. If desired, each stop can utilise a bespoke design which is particularly beneficial for networks that include a variety of stop usage levels and different case types. Route branding can be used to full extent throughout a display and adverts and graphics can easily be included – ensuring that stop information forms an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Output is simplified with users able to batch create PDFs for certain stops or select those served by a particular service – and paper sizes can be collated automatically to streamline the production process.

Access anywhere, anytime with our cloud-based solution

Improved efficiency

Access applications from anywhere, increasing efficiency by sharing resources across multiple locations.

Collaborate seamlessly

Seamlessly share and collaborate on work, improving team productivity.

Enhanced reporting

Access a range of reports providing management information covering the entire schedule.

Publicity material produced efficiently saving you time and money

Marketing displays

Optimises making displays an integral part of your marketing communications strategy

Cost and time efficient

Saves time and money through increased efficiency in the production process


Information is accurate and connected to your scheduling database


Complete design flexibility tailored to your requirements and brand

Data sharing seamless

Automatically share data platforms to improve efficiency in business operations.

Intuitive interface

Easy to maintain and update with quick editing functionality saving valuable time

Publishing software to drive your business forward

Stop display publishing software
Stop display publishing software

Key features

  • Simplifies the creation of displays
  • Flexible, user-designed templates
  • Add graphics, logos and messages
  • Multiple services on one display
  • Times tailored to individual stops
  • Full range of background colours
  • Use specified route branding and colour
  • Shows all trips or ‘then every x minutes’
  • Batch production of displays

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Making stop displays easier and faster to create

Phil Bruford
Infrastructure Manager for Go South West

OmniSTOPdesign makes creating bus stop displays easier, faster and much more flexible. The speed with which we can create display options is more efficient and saves a vast amount of time. We are now able to complete a full-service change in the same time it used to take to complete a single route.

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