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Data exchange and seamless integration

A core aspect of modern scheduling software is the need to interact and share information with other systems, we are experienced with having to creating different interfaces to external systems. With the introduction of TransXChange data exchange is getting simpler.

What is TransXchange?

TransXChange is the UK standard for exchanging public transport timetable and schedule data. It can be used both for Electronic Bus Service Registrations (EBSR) and for the exchange of operational data with systems such as journey planners (including those operated by Traveline), real-time (RTPI) systems and electronic ticket machine systems (ETMs).

Our solutions

Our TransXChange modules are developed to support reading and writing TXC 2.4 and all later versions of the standard, making the process as painless as possible. They are: TXC Importer – Imports journeys from a collection of TransXChange files into an OmniTIMES timetable database, preserving as high a level of detail as the source data allows, with options to control how multiple TransXChange journeys are to be split into separate timetables.

TXC Exporter – Converts OmniBASE schedules information combined with OmniTIMES timetable trips into TransXChange format. It reduces the size of exported data by identifying journey patterns that can be referenced by multiple journeys. The exporter performs validation checks on the source data to help to pinpoint any data issues prior to producing a TransXChange file.

TXC Viewer – Allows users to open and view TransXChange files onscreen. Users can drill down to inspect the full range of data including details of Services, Stop Points, Operators and Registrations and can export route definitions as geographic tracks for display in popular mapping applications.

TXC Importer – Parties receiving data in TransXChange format can easily import data into OmniTIMES and OmniMAP. Users are then able to edit update and work with timetables as normal or make use of the data in one of our other module such as OmniSTOPdesign for bus stop displays.

Let us do the hard work of making your timetables TransXChange ready with the our modules.

Access anywhere, anytime with our cloud-based solution

Improved efficiency

Access applications from anywhere, increasing efficiency by sharing resources across multiple locations.

Collaborate seamlessly

Seamlessly share and collaborate on work, improving team productivity.

Enhanced reporting

Access a range of reports providing management information covering the entire schedule.

Seamless data sharing and integration with key industry platforms

Adopt the industry standard

Be prepared for the wider use of TransXChange

Simplified integration

Share data with multiple applications without multiple interfaces

Stay ahead

Stay at the forefront of data integration across the passenger transport industry

Key features

  • TransXChange Importer – import TransXChange (TXC) files directly into OmniTIMES for editing
  • TransXChange Exporter – write timetables into TXC format, ready for sending
  • TransXChange Viewer – handy, standalone TXC viewer
  • Simply works with OmniTIMES data to produce results required by the schema

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Simon Harris, Network Planner at Blackpool Transport

Simon Harris
Network Planner at Blackpool Transport

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