Stay connected with your drivers and reduce administration

Making the depot allocator’s life easier, whilst improving the level of control and accuracy of information, is something we take very seriously.

OmniENGAGE allows drivers, over the company intranet/internet or mobile app, to view their upcoming work, rota information, holidays and hours worked as well as request exchanges and register availability for overtime. This utility releases allocation staff from questions and administration of information, leaving them free to concentrate on getting drivers on buses.

OmniENGAGE driver app

The OmniENGAGE driver app  can be installed on smart phones, ensuring a secure and individual experience for drivers to access information about their work, request swaps and also to push notifications and communication between allocators and drivers.

The driver no longer needs to be at the depot to see what is going on at work, or receive an urgent message or notification.

Flexible control with streamlined driver communication

Staying connected whilst reducing administration

Communication increased

Improved communication between drivers and allocators

Improved staff morale

Driver morale increased with fuller control and management of requests

Reduced administration

Reduced administration and processing of driver requests

Connected 24/7

Drivers connected during at-work and during non-working hours to confirm rota and other details

Real-time instant access

Drivers have instant access to records and details.

Speed and ease of adoption

App can be installed quickly on any smart phone or device

Key features

  • Staff have their own direct access to rota details
  • Swaps between staff can be requested
  • Holiday dates can be checked
  • Allocators can send direct messages to staff
  • Staff have instant access to records removing the need to submit requests or disrupt busy allocators
  • Allocators time freed up to deal with other work issues such as compliance
  • A low cost direct method of keeping staff informed
  • Removes errors associated with staff copying down duty details from notice boards
  • Weekly hours can be checked against actual paid

Drivers love it [the Driver App] because they don’t have to be in the depot or ring up to find out information and it gives greater visibility on the fair allocation of overtime; and our Supervisors and Managers now have more time to focus on new projects.

Gareth Mead
Head of Commercial, Warrington’s Own Buses

OmniDAS simplifies the allocation process whilst providing increased control and accuracy of information. OmniENGAGE makes it easy for drivers to request a change to their duties or volunteer for work with a minimum of administrative resources.

Michael Bishop
General Manager, Compass Travel

Empowering you to stay connected to your drivers

Communcation. Ondemand. Realtime.