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Schedules Training

Our TransACT Schedules Training Course is designed to serve as a good foundation for those who need to create or have a working knowledge of bus timetables and their operational effectiveness.

During the training we introduce the theory of good bus timetabling, including the creation of efficient vehicle workings and the relationship between these two disciplines. We also take the time to focus on the creation of cost effective driver duties and the impact that these can have on the vehicle workings and timetables, before also touching on the production of workable driver rosters. This is all aimed at arming attendees with the tools required to produce efficient schedules that work for you as the transport provider and, perhaps more importantly, work for your customers too.

Course dates

May 2020
Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 May in Hollinwood, Oldham (postponed until further notice)

We can also offer ‘closed door’ and on-site services for organisations with more immediate or larger scale needs.

Please contact us to book now, or for further information.

Advice and Consultancy

Need some extra support for a major network re-scheduling? Or do you just occasionally need some scheduling expertise? Whatever the situation, if you have a scheduling challenge, Omnibus can help you. Omnibus has a tremendous breadth of transport scheduling experience. For an operator facing a major rescheduling exercise that is overloading their own resources, Omnibus can provide consultants to lend a hand.

Our services are not limited to companies using our software

Our consultancy services are available to any operator or local authority with a need for expertise on an adhoc basis: from larger organisations, who do not wish to tie up valuable staff, to smaller companies, who see that utilising external expertise can be a cost effective way of designing and implementing efficient schedules.

Projects undertaken by the Omnibus team include assistance with tender bids, schedules compilation for major rail replacement services and general bus service scheduling. Users of Omnibus consultancy services include bus and light rail operators from across the UK.

Key Services
  • Scheduling Consultancy
  • Timetable Construction Planning
  • Assistance with Bids
  • Data Conversion
  • Operational & Feasibility Studies
  • Best Practice Advice
Key Benefits
  • Save money through timely use of expert services
  • Experienced consultants maximise accuracy of results
  • Benefit from Omnibus software without the capital outlay
Key Features
  • Scheduling run through Omnibus software
  • Independent opinion and assistance
  • Wide range of services
  • Available on a daily rate, or per project basis