Tower Transit selects Omnibus cloud solution for Channel Islands operations

8 June 2023 – Tower Transit, which operates bus services in the Channel Islands under the LibertyBus (Jersey) and (Guernsey) brands, is migrating its Omnibus scheduling software to the cloud solution. 

The cloud scheduling platform will enhance collaboration, remove local infrastructure costs and reduce the demand on the group’s IT team with managed software services. The solution, which includes timetabling, mapping, vehicle scheduling, crew scheduling, rostering, timetable publicity and data sharing, will also allow Tower Transit to scale seamlessly to meet future growth needs.

Tower Transit selects Omnibus cloud solution for LibertyBus operation

Vince Dalzell, Tower Transit Operations Director

Vince Dalzell, Operations Director at Tower Transit, part of Australian based multi-modal transport and tourism operator Kelsian Group, said: “With the expansion of our scheduling team, who work from different locations, we needed a solution that allowed for greater collaboration to enable geographically dispersed teams to collaborate on tasks simultaneously. There was also a need to decommission the desktop Omnibus software to support our cloud business strategy. 

“Omnibus is a trusted partner, and we have every confidence that together our efficiency through streamlined work processes will deliver an optimised network and ultimately an improved customer experience.” 

Peter Crichton, Founder of Omnibus, said: “Omnibus is delighted, and uniquely placed, to support Tower Transit through our 30+ years’ expertise, deep understanding of passenger transport and ability to develop innovative technology. Our cloud scheduling solution will enable Tower Transit to work smarter from one central platform that improves accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.”


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